Five & 20 Spirits

Direct Mailer

This is personally one of my favorite projects. The goal of this project was to create a direct marketing campaign. We had to include at least two postcards of different sizes and a 3 dimensional piece to be mailed to a potential customer. I decided to go with a small barrel to do with the company's “Barrel Adoption Program”. The idea is that the potential customer will receive the package, open up the box and have the barrel pop-up at them. They will remember it, since things like that aren’t normally sent, and then they will also have a small ‘toy’ that they can place on their desk to remember the company with.
I had a lot of fun creating this piece. Prototyping the barrel was quite a challenge. I had to find a good substrate that could hold together without collapsing on itself, and still be weak enough to allow the rubber bands on the inside to open it. In the end, I made up around 4 or 5 different prototypes, before having to make the final version.