Conneaut Cellars Winery

Marketing Campaign

This was a project that covered multiple areas.We were to create a marketing campaign for a client. This had to include all of the social media branding for the company, including Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, and Twitter. To start, I created a new logo for the client, as the existing was not effective. I created a simple typographic font that gives a classy look to the brand.
We also had to take some high definition photos for this project. I took two or three sets. The first was for the magazine ad. I actually had to take multiple photos of this set piece because of the lighting. One photo was for the lighting on the grapes, and the other was for the lighting on the bottle. After I took the two photos, they were composited together to create a nice lighting across the entire product. I then photoshopped out the original label and added a custom one to match the new branding I had created.